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Establishment of a jointly owned forest

Jointly owned forests are established by mutual agreement of the forest owners. Based on the agreement, they apply for the establishment of the forest from the National Land Survey of Finland. The regulations are contained in the Act on Jointly Owned Forests (109/2003) and Chapter 10 of the Real Estate Formation Act (554/1995).  

When parceling out or splitting a property, the owner may request the National Land Survey to form the area of the property or its part as a jointly owned forest. This may facilitate the implementation of generational transfer or inheritance at a later stage. 

Before taking measures to establish a jointly owned forest, it is useful familiarizing oneself with the notion of jointly owned forest as a form of ownership. If the establishment of such a forest involves a generational transfer, it is also worthwhile to plan the order of progress carefully and use the generational transfer advisory service.  

When establishing a jointly owned forest and in many other situations, it is usually necessary to determine the value of the forest itself or the value of its share. The website of the National Land Survey of Finland has a useful publication on this topic (in Finnish).

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