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The Metsää service

The Metsää is The Finnish Forest Centre’s free transaction service for forest owners and forest service providers. Forest owners get basic information about their own forests by logging in to the Metsää service. The basic forest information behind the login is only available to forest owners, but they can share it with the service providers of their choice.  

Logging in to the service is free of charge. To log in, you need either online banking IDs, a mobile certificate, or a Finnish chip ID card.  

The Metsää service can be used in Finnish or Swedish. 

What information can be found in the Metsää service?

The Finnish Forest Centre collects information on all privately owned forests in Finland using remote sensing. Data collection is based on laser scanning, aerial photography, and sample plot measurements. When forest owners log in to the Metsää service, they see farm-specific information about their own forests and when and how the property information has been collected. The information in the Metsää service provides forest owners with an overview of their forest assets. The Finnish Forest Centre keeps the information up-to-date by updating it on based on the notifications and applications received. These include, for example, a forest use notification on the measures taken in the forest or a subsidy application for forest management work under the Sustainable Forestry Financing Act (Kemera). The Finnish Forest Centre adds information on the annual growth to the forest data displayed in the Metsää service once a year. 

Benefits for forest owners and service providers

In the Metsää service, forest owners: 

  • get an overview of their own forests  
  • see compartment-specific forest information, that is, what kind of tree stands their forests contain 
  • see forest management and felling recommendations  
  • see nature sites in their forests  
  • see information about their forests both on the map and as a compartment list, the information can also be printed out 
  • receive diverse environmental information at their map levels  
  • can make notifications on the sites in their forests to which they wish to order forest management services  
  • can look for a forest management service provider  
  • can share information about their own forest with the operators they want  
  • can deal with the Finnish Forest Centre: submit forest use notifications, Kemera funding applications or implementation declarations, or cervid damage notifications. 

The Metsää service for forest industry operators

Once forest owners have given the company their consent to browse or transfer their forest information, the service provider will see the forest owners’ up-to-date forest information, nature and environmental information, and aerial photographs and terrain maps of the forest in the Metsää service. In this case, the marketing of services and the planning of the actual forestry work can be carried out flexibly.  

The service provider may also submit a forest use notification, a document related to Kemera financial support or other notifications about the service directly to the Finnish Forest Centre on behalf of the forest owner.  

In the Metsää service, an operator can: 

  • find new customers  
  • search for and plan new jobs  
  • get various maps and aerial photographs  
  • with the permission of the forest owner, make a forest use notification or handle Kemera transactions.  

The transfer of forest owner information to forest service providers is based on the Forest Information Act. Read more about the Metsää in the report of Pellervo Economic Research (PTT).