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The Finnish Forest Centre trains, consults, and informs

One of the Finnish Forest Centre’s statutory tasks is training, consulting, and information that promotes forestry. The Finnish Forest Centre handles this task in many ways.

The Finnish Forest Centre sends media and operator bulletins, maintains the website, and publishes news there. The employees of the Finnish Forest Centre give interviews and are active on social media. The Finnish Forest Centre also organizes many trainings and events on various topics.

In addition, the Finnish Forest Centre publishes the Metsään-lehti magazine online, which contains current articles on forest topics. The Finnish Forest Centre sends newsletters, makes instructional videos, brochures, and presentations to forest owners, forest industry operators and stakeholders.

The Finnish Forest Centre provides information to forest owners, operators, and to the general discussion on the most important topics from the point of view of the Finnish Forest Centre’s tasks and the Metsää service. The topics include forestry, nature management, forest legislation, and public support for forestry. Externally financed development projects also have other emphases, such as wood construction or the utilization of natural products.

Trainings, communication, and projects

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