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Trainings, communication, and projects

The Finnish Forest Centre’s trainings and events

The Finnish Forest Centre organizes various trainings for forest owners, operators, and others interested in the forest sector. The trainings help forest owners to make decisions about their forests and they help forestry operators to maintain and develop their skills.  

The training promotes the sustainable management and utilization of forests, the management of forest nature and the development of forest-based livelihoods.  

The trainings are organized as field trainings, classroom trainings, webinars, and online trainings. They are organized in Finnish and Swedish. 

News and bulletins

The Finnish Forest Centre publishes news on its website and sends bulletins on current topics to the media and forest industry operators. News and bulletins are published in Finnish and Swedish.  


The Finnish Forest Centre sends newsletters to forest owners and operators. There are four types of newsletters: 

  1. The Metsään customer magazine's newsletter, which is sent six times a year.  
  2. Regional stakeholder newsletters, which are sent four times a year.  
  3. Regional training letters sent 3-4 times a year.  
  4. Metsää service newsletter, which is sent to forest owners and operators who have registered for the service. A Metsää letter cannot be ordered separately.  

The newsletters are published in Finnish and Swedish. 

The Metsään magazine

The Metsään magazine contains current and useful information on forest management, forest use and ownership, as well as on nature and recreational use of forests. New articles are published every two weeks.  

The articles in the Metsään magazine are aimed at forest owners and anyone interested in forests.  

The magazine also publishes blog posts of the Finnish Forest Centre’s experts. The magazine is published in Finnish and Swedish. 

Social media

The Finnish Forest Centre maintains several social media accounts.  

The project activities of the Finnish Forest Centre

The Finnish Forest Centre implements forest sector development projects. Through the projects, the Finnish Forest Centre promotes the diverse use of forests, business activities and biodiversity. The topics of the development projects come directly from customer needs or development programmes. External project funding is a significant resource, for example, in organizing the Finnish Forest Centre's training and consulting events and in implementing regional forest programmes.  

Some of the projects are the responsibility of the Finnish Forest Centre, and in some of them the Centre is involved as a partner together with other forest and environmental operators. Projects may be local, but an increasing number of projects cover several provinces.  

The projects are partly financed by the European Union and partly by the national funds of Finland. 

The development projects are implemented in the following areas:  

  • sustainable use of forests  
  • nature biodiversity 
  • forest ownership  
  • private roads  
  • forest energy  
  • wood construction  
  • natural products and services  
  • land use planning.