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Forest management and fellings

Sustainable forest management

In the use of forests, measures are taken to integrate timber production and measures that promote forest biodiversity, recreational use of forests, game management and landscape management.  

The role of forests in mitigating climate change as carbon sinks and storages is also part of forest management. 

Silvicultural methods and intermediate fellings

Forests can be grown by periodic cover forestry as an even-aged forest,...

Regeneration and regeneration fellings

Forests can be regenerated naturally or by cultivation.

Tending of seedling stands

Tending of seedling stands involves early clearing and thinning of seedlings.

Continuous cover forestry

In continuous cover forestry, the forest is grown so that there are constantly...

Forest damage

Various organisms and natural phenomena cause damage in forests.

Climate-sustainable forest management

Climate-sustainable forest management aims at ensuring the vitality and...

Management of swamp forests

The management of swamp forests should be planned as a whole.