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The Finnish Forest Centre as a workplace

The Finnish Forest Centre employs almost 600 professionals. Our employees collect and handle information related to nature and forests, process forestry funding applications, conduct the corresponding inspections, meet and guide forest owners and forest entrepreneurs, and develop forest-related industries together with other forest industry operators. We also have expert positions in competence development, communications, finance, and human resources.  

The Finnish Forest Centre operates nationwide, and we have offices in almost 70 parts of Finland, from Inari to Ekenäs. Our head office is located in Lahti. The Finnish Forest Centre is an independent operator that takes into account customers’ and partners’ needs equally. Our operations are directed and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. 

As an employer, the Finnish Forest Centre offers:  

  • a position in the central organization of the forest sector  
  • a nationwide network  
  • diverse job opportunities  
  • depending on a position, the opportunity to work in nature  
  • the opportunity to be involved in the development of new forest and nature information and new electronic services based on it, which promote forest-based industries.  

In addition, the Finnish Forest Centre offers: 

  • flexible working and distance working opportunities  
  • incentives for self-study and the opportunity to increase one's own skills  
  • comprehensive occupational health care to maintain and promote staff work ability and well-being  
  • staff days and well-being days, which are implemented annually in different ways  
  • financial support for lunch and recreation activities with lunch, exercise, and cultural benefits. 

In remuneration, we comply with the Finnish Forest Centre's collective labour agreement.  

At the Finnish Forest Centre, we invest in ensuring that our work is meaningful and smooth, and that work can be done in a safe, health-promoting and career-supporting work environment and community. Employees annually assess well-being at work in connection with the development negotiations and, more broadly, workplace performance and job satisfaction in the annual personnel surveys. 

Internship at the Finnish Forest Centre

Every year, we offer students from all over Finland internships in the office premises and in the forest. The training time is usually in summer. As a rule, these positions are intended for students who need an internship related to their studies.  

The Finnish Forest Centre is an inspiring workplace  

According to personnel surveys, the Finnish Forest Centre’s employees are satisfied with their workplace. The level of dedication also exceeds the average level of other Finnish organizations. In 2020, the Finnish Forest Centre was awarded the Finland’s Most Inspiring Workplaces award, which is awarded annually to organizations that have achieved the best ratings based on the results of personnel surveys. We actively develop the working life skills of our work community and encourage continuous learning. Among other things, we have developed working life skills with the Minä ja me (Me and We) tool. We can strengthen and develop our own expertise through peer learning, participation in training or applying for in-house learning paths.