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Expanding a jointly owned forest

The shareholders’ association of a jointly owned forest makes decisions on expanding the forest area. The area of a jointly owned forest can be expanded, and its shareholders’ ownership can be increased in the following ways: 

  • The association buys, exchanges or receives as a gift or will an area that will be attached to the jointly owned forest.  
  • The association buys, exchanges or receives as a gift or will an area that is left as a separate property owned by the association.  
  • The property will be connected to the jointly owned forest based on the jointly owned forest share.  
  • The association buys jointly owned forest shares.  
  • Jointly owned forests merge. 

In addition, an individual shareholder may acquire additional jointly owned forest shares by purchasing them from other shareholders, by attaching additional properties to the jointly owned forest in exchange for shares or acquiring additional properties that include jointly owned forest shares.

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