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Forest energy

Quantitatively, forest-based energy is the most important energy source in Finland. The demand for climate-resilient energy will increase as peat and fossil fuels are being replaced by renewable energy. As the use of forest energy expands, ensuring the availability of domestic forest energy and the procurement of raw materials for the needs of processing industries will become important.  

In terms of raw material resources, the use of forest energy and the procurement of fuel wood from both thinning forests and forest regeneration areas can be increased. Directing forest energy procurement to urgent regeneration of young forests and first thinnings promotes sustainable forest management and provides long-term climate benefits.  

Safeguarding biodiversity and ensuring the sustainability of harvesting are the prerequisites for the acceptability of the use of wood energy. The Finnish Forest Centre helps its partners to meet the growing demand for climate-sustainable forest energy and supports the growth of local forest energy use and energy entrepreneurship.