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Fire in Forests Glossary

The first publication of the project is the glossary of terms in the fire in forests domain.

The terminology contained in the Finnish-Russian Forest Dictionary and Suomen metsien paloainekset (Fuels of Finnish Forests, 2011) has been combined and checked. The terminology of the domain has also been supplemented with core terms related to prescribed burning. The Fire in Forests Glossary contains the following subject groups:

  • Wildfires
  • Fuels
  • Forest fire protection
  • Forest fire suppression
  • Fire suppression methods according to objects and modes
  • Other fire suppression methods
  • Concepts related to forest fires #1
  • Concepts related to forest fires #2
  • Structure of wildfires
  • Prescribed burnings according to the objective
  • Prescribed burnings according to the technique
  • Miscellaneous terms.

In the work process, the following subject groups were delimited outside the glossary:

  • Forest fire suppression equipment
  • Forest structures affecting forest fires
  • Ecological effects of fires on forests
  • More precise terminology of forest fire risks
  • Forest-related slash-and-burn practices.

Concepts left out have been dealt with in the previous projects implemented by other organizations (Palo- ja pelastussanasto / Fire and rescue vocabulary, 2018) or they may be dealt with in the follow-up projects.

The core expert group of the fire in forests domain was formed by:

  • Ilkka Vanha-Majamaa, Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • Henrik Lindberg, Häme University of Applied Sciences
  • Rauli Perkiö, Metsähallitus
  • Irina Kudasheva, Finnish Forest Centre, terminologist
  • Annikka Selander, Finnish Forest Centre
  • Heidi Tanskanen, Finnish Forest Centre
  • Pekka Kuitunen, Finnish Forest Centre
  • Juho Kokkonen, Finnish Forest Centre
  • Anders Granström, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
  • Marja-Leena Päätalo, Natural Resources Institute Finland, project coordinator
  • Kai Blauberg, Finnish Forest Centre, Forest Sector Terminology Work project, project manager

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