Finnish Forest Centre participates in DataBio forestry pilot | Finnish Forest Centre

Finnish Forest Centre participates in DataBio forestry pilot

About DataBio Project

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The main goal of the DataBio project is to show the benefits of Big Data technologies in the raw material production from agriculture, forestry and fishery/aquaculture to be used by the bioeconomy industry to produce food, energy and biomaterials responsibly and sustainably.

In order to meet the above objectives, DataBio is controlling and using innovative ICTs and information flows centered mostly around the use of proximal and remote sensors. The purpose is to provide a streamlined Big Data Infrastructure for data discovery, retrieval, processing and visualizing to be used for supporting decision making in bioeconomy business operations.

This programme is implemented by DataBio Consortium: 48 partners from 17 countries, 14 of which are EU members.

DataBio proposes to deploy a state of the art, big data platform on top of the existing partners’ infrastructure and solutions – the Big DATABIO Platform. The work will be continuous cooperation of experts from end user and technology provider companies, from bioeconomy and technology research institutes, and other partners.

In the pilots also associated partners and other stakeholders will be actively involved. The selected pilots and concepts will be transformed into pilot implementations using co-innovative approaches and tools. The bioeconomy sector end users, experts and other stakeholders will give their input for the requirement specifications for ICT, Big Data and Earth Observation experts and for other solution providers in the consortium. Based on the pilot results and the new solutions also new business opportunities are expected to be recognized. Additionally end users are participating in trainings to learn how to use the solutions. The developers also outside the consortium will be active in the Hackathons to design and develop new tools, services and application for the platform.

The objective of the forestry sector pilots is to demonstrate how Big Data will boost the forestry sector. The three main pilots in four countries including Finland, Belgium, Czech and Spain are built around practical cases from forestry. They will validate the use of Big Data technologies and how well the expectations of user communities are met. Big Data technologies will be tested and validated in three main cases: multisource crowdsourcing services, forest health and forest data management services.

The project main coordinator is Intrasoft International from Belgium. The Project pilots are operated in work packages and the forestry pilot work package is led by MHG Systems from Finland. In addition to MHG Systems and Finnish Forest Centre also VTT from Finland participates in pilots.

Finnish Forest Centre participates in DataBio forestry pilot

The Finnish Forest Centre objective in the DataBio forestry pilot is to increase the utilization of the forest resource data and promote the use of Metsää eService. Another project objective is to gather experiences from different sectors about the Big Data. These experiences may provide new ideas also for further developing the forest resource data. The ideas are evaluated and the most suitable ones are selected for the DataBio forestry pilot and perhaps further development of the Metsää eService.

Project News

At the moment the project pilot specification phase is ongoing. During this phase the purpose is to describe in details the pilot themes together with other project team members and partners. In addition to using the Big Data also crowdsourcing possibilities are to be exploited. The Finnish Forest Centre participates in workshops, co-operation events and other innovation events like Hackathons.

18.-20.5. Ultrahack 2018 Sprint I –Finnish Forest Centre, Ministry of Agriculture and DataBio project have opened Hack the Forest data challenge. The hackathon idea is to create an innovative solution by combining forest resource data with other open data sources. This event is multidisciplinary hackathon and more information will follow in January 2018.

DataBio project duration 1.1.2017 – 31.12.2019. The project is funded by EU.