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Wood construction

In addition to forest owners and companies, wood construction and the versatile use of wood are increasingly affecting public sector decision-makers, users of buildings, and residents of new homes. More than a third of Finland's greenhouse emissions come from buildings and construction. Future limits on the carbon budgets of construction will further guide it in the direction of low-carbon construction. Wood construction is seen as part of climate change mitigation; it will help reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and increase the long-term carbon stocks of wood products.  

The aim of the Finnish Forest Centre is to promote public wood construction and industrial wood construction and to support the business development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the wood products and wood construction sector. The Finnish Forest Centre’s means of increasing the use of wood and wood construction include the utilization of research information, consulting, and communication, as well as diverse project cooperation with research and education organizations, public sector, and companies in the field.