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Versatile use of forests

The versatile use of forests is of increasing interest to Finnish forest owners and entrepreneurs. In addition to wood, forests provide raw materials for the production of food, health products, and other commodities. Forests are also an important environment for tourism and human well-being. Ecosystem services, such as the maintenance of diversity, water quality or landscape, are the services provided by the forest owner.  

The aim of the Finnish Forest Centre is to promote the growth and development of the natural products industry and thus improve the diversification and profitability of forest-based business. The versatile use of forests includes the production of natural products and, increasingly, the provision of services related to nature and forests. The natural products sector meets the demand for exploiting the many opportunities of forests.

The value of forests and the value of diverse forestry are growing. For forest owners and entrepreneurs, this means new opportunities for profit. The Finnish Forest Centre’s means of developing the business of natural products and services include the production of forest and nature information, consulting, and communication, as well as diverse project work with other specialists in the field.